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Explore Buenos Aires at your own pace with an Expert Local Guide! Start with an unforgettable Private Tour exclusively designed for your group. Visit the South and North districts of Buenos Aires! Your Local Guide will tell you about its history, architecture, nature, culture and main attractions. Discover Buenos Aires and enjoy the fascinating Capital of Argentina! You do not need to pay anything in advance, you can book now and pay later to your Local Guide during the tour. To book a tour you can contact us through the chat, or you can send us an email to infobuenosaires4u@gmail.com  We will reply to you shortly.

The Best Tours in Buenos Aires


3-hour Private Tour

Discover the origin of Buenos Aires walking through the historic South District. Visit the founding center with its important public buildings, stroll through the port and the oldest residential area with its beautiful cobbled streets and well preserved colonial architecture.

Includes: Local Tour Guide exclusive for your group and public transport.

Meeting time: Most convenient for you

Meeting point: Downtown area

Tours Privados en Buenos Aires


3-hour Private Tour

Enjoy the best walking tour in the charming North District of Buenos Aires. Stroll through the most exclusive residential area, marvel at the luxurious mansions in exquisite European style, beautiful parks and magnificent monuments that stand out at every step.

Includes: Local Tour Guide exclusive for your group and public transport.

Meeting time: Most convenient for you

Meeting point: Palermo area

Local Guide in Buenos Aires and Trip Leaders in Argentina


6-hour Private Tour

Take the most complete Private Tour in Buenos Aires City visiting both South & North districts on the same day. In case you decide to take a break for lunch, coffee or shopping, your Local Guide will give you the best recommendations for your group.

Includes: Local Tour Guide exclusive for your group and public transport.

Meeting time: Most convenient for you

Meeting point: Palermo area

Tigre and Delta Tour in Buenos Aires


4½-hour Shared Tour

Explore one of the largest Deltas in the world. The Paraná river splits into several branches creating a huge network of islands and wetlands. Enjoy a peaceful boat ride sailing along different rivers and streams appreciating the native flora, fauna and the houses of the islanders.

Includes: Shared transfers by bus, tour guide and 1-hour shared boat ride.

Pick-up time: 9:00 AM and 1:15 PM

Meeting point: Your hotel lobby

Gaucho and Pampa Tour in Buenos Aires


8-hour Shared Tour

Admire the great pampas region, home to the skilled horsemen known as gauchos. They are renowned in legends, folklore and literature. Learn about their traditions, listen some folk music and enjoy a delicious barbecue on a memorable day.

Includes: Shared transfers by bus, tour guide, lunch with drinks and folk show.

Pick-up time: 9:30 AM

Meeting point: Your hotel lobby


4½-hour Shared Tour

Tango is one of the cultural events that most represents the porteños. It was born at the end of the 19th century in the humble areas of Buenos Aires City. Feel this Argentine passion attending a tango show with transfers and dinner included and live an unforgettable evening.

Includes: Shared transfers by bus, dinner with drinks and tango show.

Pick-up time: 7:30 PM

Meeting point: Your hotel lobby

The Blog of Buenos Aires

Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

Check out this list of the 10 neighborhoods that you cannot miss while visiting Buenos Aires. These are the most interesting neighborhoods taking into account their histories, architecture and main attractions. Explore and enjoy this fascinating city!

Popular Meals in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is recognized worldwide for its great gastronomic offer. It is the result of the various migratory flows that arrived in our city from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. These are the 10 most popular dishes which no visitor should fail to try.

Taxis in Buenos Aires

Once your plane lands at Ezeiza International Airport or at Aeroparque Airport, you will surely wonder how to get to your hotel or apartment where you will stay. There are several options to make this transfer. Find out which is the most convenient for you.

Location in Buenos Aires

Most of the hotels in the city are concentrated in only 8 neighborhoods, each with its own characteristics. Some of them have certain comparative advantages that make them more attractive when choosing the ideal place to stay in Buenos Aires.

The best time to Visit Buenos Aires

Before visiting Buenos Aires, you should know what the weather will be like; the differences between the four seasons are very marked. When planning your trip, also take into account the different activities that take place in our City throughout the year.

Family fun in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires provides a wide variety of cultural and recreational activities to enjoy with children and teenagers, both in the city and in its surroundings. Discover which are the best places to have fun with your kids and spend an unforgettable family vacation.

Covid in Argentina

After several months closed, it has finally been decided to reopen the borders of our country to international tourism as of November 1, 2021. Find out the latest news about the National Government’s decisions regarding the entry of foreign tourists to Argentina.

Find out what are the coins and banknotes that are currently in circulation in Argentina. It is very interesting to analyze the history of the Argentine peso, since its behavior shows the deterioration of the Argentine economy in recent decades.

Argentine Peso Dollar Exchange

The difference today between exchanging dollars at the official rate or at the blue rate is huge. This is the result of a poorly managed economy over decades, which we all hope will change at some point. Why is this happening? and what is the best exchange rate for you?

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