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Discover the most beautiful landscapes of Argentina and its stunning diversity!

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Mountains in Patagonia

When you decide to visit Argentina, keep in mind this great variety of landscape mosaics that make it up; it is a beautiful and extensive country with fascinating places to discover. It goes from the tropical climate in the north to the polar in the south.

Floralis Genérica Sculpture

Buenos Aires is the cosmopolitan capital city of the Argentine Republic. It is known for its preserved eclectic European architecture and rich cultural traditions. Home to millions of immigrants, it is one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world.

Enjoy the Best of Argentina!

Argentina is characterized by the diversity of cultures and beautiful landscapes that make it up. Land blessed with dreamlike landscapes, from the immensity of the Pampas plain in the east to the imposing Andes mountain range in the west, and from the majestic jungles and waterfalls in the north to the legendary and amazing Patagonian land in the south. Argentina awaits you to show you all its charms. After touring every corner of our beloved country, we have made a selection of those places and activities that you should not miss during your visit to the end of the world, enjoy and live Argentina!

Tourism in Argentina

The Best Tours in Buenos Aires

The City of Buenos Aires has endless attractions to visit and enjoy. We recommend that you start with an unmissable walking tour accompanied by a local guide, who will inform you about its architecture, history, culture and main attractions. At night you can attend a charming tango evening. Continue your itinerary with a relaxing half-day boat ride through the Paraná River delta and a full day tour in the countryside with the company of the famous Argentine gauchos. In Buenos Aires we recommend the following tours:

Buenos Aires

The Capital of Argentina it is known for its preserved eclectic European architecture. Home to millions of immigrants, it is one of the most diverse and fascinating cities in the world. Enjoy the beautiful urban landscapes and the daily life of the porteños.

Buenos Aires Tour

Street Art

The street art is manifested in every corner of Buenos Aires, they are jewels that surprise and amaze those who walk the city. Born as a way to protest in the streets against the totalitarian regimes, street art has evolved to make Buenos Aires a true open-air museum.

Street Art in Buenos Aires

Tigre & Delta

Explore one of the largest Deltas in the world. The Paraná river splits into several branches creating a huge network of islands and wetlands. Enjoy a peaceful boat ride sailing along different rivers and streams appreciating the local flora and fauna. 

Wooden boat sailing on a river

Gauchos & Pampa

Admire the great pampas region, home to the skilled horsemen known as gauchos. They are renowned in legends, folklore and literature. Learn about their traditions, listen some folk music and enjoy a delicious barbecue on a memorable day.

Gaucho riding a horse

Tango Shows

Tango is one of the cultural events that most represents the porteños. It was born at the end of the 19th century in the humble areas of Buenos Aires City. Feel this Argentine passion attending a tango show and live an unforgettable evening.

Tango Show in Buenos Aires

The Best Tours in Iguazú

This nature lover’s paradise will take your breath away. We recommend you start by visiting the national park located on the Argentine side, to which you should dedicate two full days of your itinerary. Walk its three main trails and do not miss the wonderful nautical excursion. Complement the Argentine side with a half-day excursion to the Brazilian national park with incredible views of the Iguazu Falls. In Iguazu we recommend the following tours:

Iguazú Argentina

The Iguazú National Park, located in Argentina, has three main trails inserted in a unique natural environment. These trails will allow you to get closer to enjoy the fabulous waterfalls and the majestic Devil’s Throat. It is one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

Iguazú Brazil

The spectacular views of the Iguazu Falls on the Argentine side are perfectly complemented by the panoramic views that you will get on the Brazilian side. It is just a trail but it is worth it. On the Brazilian side you will have a very different perspective of the falls.

Iguazú River

On both the Argentine and Brazilian sides there is the option of embarking to go up the Iguazú River, go through rapids, and stop in front of the falls to contemplate them for a few moments. Then get close enough to get very wet but very happy.

Boat ride in Iguazú

Aerial views

To appreciate the magnitude of the Iguazu Falls, there is the possibility of taking one of the daily helicopter tours that depart from the Brazilian side. These flights travel along the Iguazú River, the natural border between Argentina and Brazil.

Helicopter ride in Iguazú

Full Moon Ride

Only five nights a month the park opens at night to organize walking tours to the Devil’s Throat. After a train ride, you continue walking along the walkways until you reach the viewpoint. The glow of the full moon in the waters of the falls makes this tour a magical event.

Full Moon in Iguazú

The Best Tours in Ushuaia

Ushuaia, known worldwide as the end of the world, is a captivating land that makes you fall in love with every step. We recommend starting your experience at the end of the world by taking a city tour and embarking on a boat trip through the Beagle Channel. Spend a day exploring the Tierra del Fuego National Park with its famous End of the World Train, and another day touring the beautiful lakes, lagoons and nearby valleys. If you arrive in winter, visit the resorts located on the Tierra Mayor Valley. In Ushuaia we recommend the following tours:


The city of Ushuaia, on the banks of the Beagle Channel, has numerous museums where you can relive the history of the ancient inhabitants of these distant southern lands. And depending on the time of year, there is the possibility of approaching the Martial Glacier.


Beagle Channel

From the port of Ushuaia, boats depart daily that cross the renowned Beagle Channel. During navigation, you can admire multiple islands where the marine fauna of these latitudes abounds, until you reach the legendary Lighthouse at the End of the World .

End of the World Train

To the west of Ushuaia is the impressive Tierra del Fuego National Park, made up of Patagonian forests, lakes, valleys and extensive peatlands. The park is crossed aboard the picturesque End of the World Train, and continuing by vehicle to Lapataia Bay.

Lakes and lagoons

In the surroundings of Ushuaia you will find numerous valleys and fantastic lakes of glacial origin such as Escondido, Fagnano and the Esmeralda lagoon. These lakes are framed by incredible Patagonian forests which are ideal for hiking.

Tierra Mayor Valley

Tierra Mayor is a valley near Ushuaia with beautiful views and interesting gastronomic proposals. In winter it is complemented by various activities for snow lovers such as cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowmobile rides and Huskies dog sled rides among others.

The Best Tours in Mendoza & San Juan

The provinces of Mendoza and San Juan make up part of the Argentine region of Cuyo, famous for its award-winning wines of international quality and beautiful Andean landscapes. For wine lovers, we recommend you start by visiting the charming cities of Mendoza, San Rafael and San Juan with their prestigious wineries and vineyards. Do not miss the High Mountain excursion that takes you to the heart of the Andes. And visit the paleontological site called Valle de la Luna. In Mendoza and San Juan we recommend the following tours:


The city of Mendoza, at the foot of the Andes Mountains, is known as “the international capital of wine.” Visit the beautiful city park called Cerro de la Gloria and tour the surrounding wine regions such as Luján de Cuyo, Maipú, Las Heras and the famous Uco Valley.


San Rafael

San Rafael is a great oasis with exceptional characteristics for the production of high quality wines and sparkling wines. In addition, the canyons of the Atuel and Diamante rivers are ideal for lovers of adventure tourism, framed by a natural setting of singular beauty.

San Rafael

High Mountain

The “High Mountain” tour begins in the city of Mendoza and ascends to the heart of the Andes until reaching the border with Chile. During this full-day tour, you can see part of the ancient Inca road network and the highest mountain in America, the Aconcagua.


San Juan

The wine route continues in the province of San Juan, with excellent wineries in the Tulum Valley. To the west, the imposing Andes stand out and thanks to its exceptional atmospheric conditions it is considered the national capital of astronomical tourism.

San Juan

The Moon Valley

North of San Juan, the fascinating Ischigualasto Park, better known as The Moon Valley or Valle de la Luna, protects an important paleontological reserve. It is the only place in the world where all the geological layers of the Triassic period can be appreciated.

Valle de la Luna

The Best Tours in El Calafate & El Chaltén

Land of amazing ice giants in the heart of Patagonia. We recommend starting with a walk through the charming city of El Calafate and its viewpoints. Spend three full days touring Los Glaciares National Park, where the millennial Perito Moreno Glacier, navigation through the north channel, and the colossal mountains that guard El Chaltén stand out. Conclude with a full-day tour to the spectacular Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. In El Calafate and El Chaltén we recommend the following tours:

El Calafate

The charming city of El Calafate is located on the shores of the majestic Argentino Lake, of glacial origin, and guarded by the Huyliche hill, with beautiful panoramic views. El Calafate is the gateway to the amazing Los Glaciares National Park.


Perito Moreno Glacier

The most famous glacier in the world, the Perito Moreno, originates from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. It is one of the few glaciers in the world that still continues to advance causing beautiful breaks. Do not miss the trek on this amazing ice giant.

Argentino Lake

This fantastic catamaran ride through the North Channel of Lake Argentino begins at the port of Punta Bandera, crosses channels embellished by deep blue icebergs, and allows you to appreciate the Upsala, Seco, Heim, Peinetta and Spegazzini glaciers, among others.

Argentine glaciers

El Chaltén

El Chaltén is a small tourist village located within the Los Glaciares National Park, it is considered the national capital of trekking. Among the many adventures that begin in El Chaltén, the hike to “Laguna de los Tres” in front of the Fitz Roy massif stands out.

Torres del Paine

This journey begins in El Calafate, crossing the infinite Patagonian steppe and entering Chile. Torres del Paine National Park dazzles with dreamlike landscapes. Rivers, lakes, valleys, glaciers and the massif where the peaks “Los Cuernos” and “Las Torres” stand out.

The Best Tours in Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is the gateway to Patagonia and its most visited destination. We recommend you start with a walk through this magical city and do the two main circuits in its surroundings. Spend half a day navigating the amazing Nahuel Huapi Lake. And don’t miss the dreamy landscapes of the Route of the 7 Lakes to the north, and the Andean Region to the south. If you visit this paradise in winter, you will find the largest winter infrastructure in South America. In Bariloche we recommend the following tours:


The city of Bariloche is framed by an environment of beautiful forests, snow-capped mountains and lakes of glacial origin. It has a picturesque civic center, and two unmissable circuits called Grande and Chico to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that surround it.

San Carlos de Bariloche

Nahuel Huapi Lake

The Nahuel Huapi lake of glacial origin feeds on the melting of the surrounding hills, which is why it owes its crystal clear waters. Catamaran rides take you to see the beautiful Victoria Island and the fantastic Arrayanes Forest, located on the Quetrihué peninsula.

Nahuel Huapi

Winter Resorts

Between the months of June and September, the hills near Bariloche are covered with snow, and the different winter centers are opened. Among them, Cerro Catedral stands out, the most developed ski center in South America, with multiple options to enjoy.

Cerro Catedral

Route of the 7 Lakes

The scenic route that connects the cities of Villa La Angostura and San Martín de los Andes, in the province of Neuquén, is known as the Route of the 7 Lakes. This tour passes through two of the most dazzling national parks in the country, the Nahuel Huapi and the Lanín.

7 Lakes

The Parallel 42

The Parallel 42, also known as “Andean Region”, is located on both sides of the 42nd parallel. Its protected areas preserve the beauty of its landscapes and its rich biodiversity. In this region the town called El Bolsón and the Puelo Lake National Park stand out.

The Best Tours in Salta & Jujuy

Northwest Argentina is a land of unforgettable legends and landscapes, inhabited by native peoples with a rich culture and ancient traditions. We recommend you start this adventure by visiting the charming city of Salta and boarding the famous Train to the Clouds. Continue taking a two-day tour to discover the fascinating and contrasting landscapes of the Calchaquí Valleys to the south. And don’t miss the colorful Quebrada de Humahuaca and the incredible town of Iruya to the north. In Salta we recommend the following tours:


Salta is one of the oldest cities in Argentina, and also one of those that best preserves its beautiful colonial architecture. Visit the Archeology Museum which guards the surprising Llullaillaco mummies, and don´t miss the beautiful views from San Bernardo Hill.


Train to the Clouds

Leaving Salta, and following the El Toro Ravine, you will find the ancient archaeological site called Ruins of Tastil. But the most expected moment will come when you board the famous Train to the Clouds to admire the incredible puna of Salta during a unique journey.

Tren a las Nubes

Calchaquí Valleys

During this two-day tour, you will discover the ancient domains of the original peoples known as Calchaquíes. After crossing Los Cardones National Park, beautiful towns like Cachi and the amazing Las Flechas Ravine, you will arrive at the magical Cafayate.

Valles Calchaquíes

Humahuaca Ravine

Humahuaca Ravine, located in the province of Jujuy, is a World Heritage Site. During this tour you will visit historical towns such as Tilcara and Purmamarca with its beautiful “Hill of Seven Colors”, the Salinas Grandes that means large salt flats and the Hornocal Hills.


When visiting the town of Iruya, in the north of Salta, you will feel that you have traveled to the past. It is a fascinating place stopped in time that preserves its customs and traditions. Go up to the De la Cruz balcony to delight yourself with unique views of the surroundings.


The Best Tours in Puerto Madryn

Argentina is an incomparable paradise for all nature lovers. Puerto Madryn, located on the east coast of Patagonia, is the ideal place for watching marine fauna. Begin your tour by exploring the amazing Valdés Peninsula where you can embark to meet the southern right whale. Continue to the Punta Tombo penguin colony, El Doradillo beach where you can see whales from the coast and the Punta Loma reserve. Finish with a tour of the Chubut river valley with its rich Welsh legacy. In Puerto Madryn we recommend the following tours:

Valdés Peninsula

The Valdés Peninsula is a surprising collection of ecosystems that amaze tourists and scientific researchers. Among the numerous species of marine fauna, southern right whales, sea lions, sea elephants, Magellanic penguins, killer whales and dolphins stand out.

Península Valdés

Punta Tombo

Punta Tombo is one of the largest continental reserves of Magellanic penguins in the world. A coastal path will allow you to walk among an estimated population of half a million specimens who come to these coasts between the months of September and March.

Punta Tombo

El Doradillo

El Doradillo is a beach located on the Nuevo Gulf, near the city of Puerto Madryn. It is a privileged place to spot the majestic southern right whale, which congregates here between the months of June and October to give birth or mate.

El Doradillo

Punta Loma

It is one of the first fauna reserves of the fantastic provincial conservation system. From a viewpoint, located on a ravine overlooking the New Gulf, it is possible to see a rookery of sea lions and the Magellanic cormorants,  among other species.

Punta Loma

Chubut River Valley

Do not forget to visit the Chubut river valley, where you will find cities such as Gaiman, which preserves its rich traditions from the time of its first settlers of Welsh origin. In addition, in the port of Rawson it is possible to embark to see the beautiful dolphins.

Río Chubut
Vino Argentino

Argentines are passionate about wine, this romance dates back to the year 1551 when the first vine was planted. Today, thanks to its 948 wineries and 23,931 vineyards, Argentina is the fifth largest producer in the world. Discover here the best Argentine wines.

Argentine Pesos

Check the coins and bills which are currently in circulation in Argentina. It is always very interesting and informative to research the history of the currency of the country you visit, since its behavior exhibits the strengths and weaknesses of that country in particular.


Ushuaia is a city located in the extreme south of Argentina, on the shores of the Beagle Channel. This portion of Patagonia is known worldwide as the city of the end of the world; it is a magical place at the foot of the last continental stretches of the Andes.

Argentine Pesos and dollars

The difference today between selling dollars at the official rate or at the blue rate is big. This is the result of a poorly managed economy over decades, which we all hope will change at some point. Why is this happening? and what is the best exchange rate for you?


Iguazú is a subtropical paradise located in the border between Argentina and Brazil. The Iguazú Falls are the largest in the world with 275 waterfalls spanning 2.7 km (1.68 miles). It is an amazing place that you should include in your visit to Argentina.

Park in Buenos Aires

In most countries the Covid has caused the paralysis of international tourism. Particularly in Argentina, 4.662.937 cases have been reported so far in total. Find out the latest news about the Government’s decisions regarding international tourism.

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