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Centro de Buenos Aires
Covid Buenos Aires Argentina

How is the Covid situation in Buenos Aires Argentina Today? Report updated January 2021

In Argentina, as in most countries in the World, the Covid has caused the paralysis of international tourism. Particularly in Argentina, 1,745,000 cases have been reported so far in total, and after the Christmas and New Year holidays, the number of cases is on the rise again.

Argentine Pesos and American Dollars

What is the Dollar Exchange rate in Argentina today? And what is the most convenient exchange for you?

The difference today between selling dollars at the OFFICIAL rate or at the BLUE rate is huge. This is the result of a poorly managed economy over decades, which we all hope will change at some point. I will try to explain you here why this difference occurs and what is best for you.

Parques en Buenos Aires

When should you Visit Buenos Aires according to the weather and the available activities?

For all those who wish to visit Buenos Aires, knowing what the weather will be like is essential; in our city the differences between the four seasons are very marked. When planning your trip, also take into account the different activities that take place in Buenos Aires throughout the year.

Buenos Aires City Map

Local Weather Report

Rosedal en Buenos Aires
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